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Diskussion «Swiss PGDay 2019 - Die PostgreSQL-Konferenz, 28. Juni, HSR Rapperswil»
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Stefan Keller
30. Juni 19 (23:49 Uhr)
Beitragsnummer: 4123
Vergangenen Freitag hat der Swiss PGDay - die Schweizer Konferenz zu PostgreSQL - erfolgreich stattgefunden.
Hier ein bemerkenswerter Tweet (von O.S.): "A cool day at #SwissPGDay! Learned some things I always wanted to know about #PostgreSQL. Met some interesting people... And got again the feeling and spirit of a community."
Und hier einige Eindrücke vom Anlass: []
Schliesslich können wir noch darauf hinweisen, dass auf der Homepage bereits fast alle Vortrags-Folien zum freien Download zur Verfügung stehen: []

Stefan Keller
2. Mai 19 (08:24 Uhr)
Beitragsnummer: 4091
Das Programm dieser einzigen Veranstaltung zu PostgreSQL in der Schweiz ist verfügbar.
Jetzt rechtzeitig anmelden!

Stefan Keller
13. April 19 (01:35 Uhr)
Beitragsnummer: 4080
Kind reminder:
Are you a #PostgreSQL user or developer or does your organization or company use PostgreSQL or PostGIS?
Send us your proposal about your use case (der Beitrag kann auch auf Deutsch sein).
This Call-for-Speakers ends April 18, 2019.
See you in Rapperswil in June at the "most beautiful campus of Switzerland"!

Stefan Keller
12. Januar 19 (19:21 Uhr)
Beitragsnummer: 4010
On Friday, 28th of June 2019 the next >> Swiss PGDay << takes place at University of Applied Sciences in Rapperswil (SG).

This day is all about #PostgreSQL - the world's most advanced open source database.

Take the opportunity to meet with other people interested in PostgreSQL in Switzerland. Beside the talks we offer the chance to network during the day and are pleased to invite you for a round of drinks after the meeting. The event is suitable for everybody, from first-time users to experts and from clerks to decision-makers.

We stick to the proven one-day, two track conference concept but aim to offer this year a complete track in English language beside the one in German to open the event to a broader audience. Speakers are requested to indicate the language of their talk and may even apply for both tracks.

More information and registration: [] (closes June 27, 2019)

For the organization committee
Stefan Keller

P.S. Call-for-Speakers: Are you a PostgreSQL user or developer or does your company use PostgreSQL or PostGIS? Send us your proposal until April 18, 2019 (german or english).