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Diskussion «PostgreSQL the open source, not-only-relational analytics engine incl. "Location the universal key...", 14. Mai 2020 (online)»
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Stefan Keller
18. Mai 20 (00:26 Uhr)
Beitragsnummer: 4291
Raphael Tholl wrote May 14, 2020 on []

Thank you to everyone who joined and also a big thanks to the speakers!
The replay is available here: []
Find the slides and demos here: []

Stefan Keller
11. Mai 20 (02:29 Uhr)
Beitragsnummer: 4288
Thu, May 14, 2020, 17:30-19:30:
"PostgreSQL the open source, not-only-relational analytics engine".
Online-Meetup (using Webex), supported by IBM & Big Data University.
U.a. mit "Location the universal key - business data analysis for insiders".

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